Indian Contemporary Art

Indian Contemporary Art exhibits a bold stand to turn away from the conventional concepts of artistic notions including the portrayal or sculpture of well-proportioned figures, landscapes and the like. Materialism, urbanisation, globalization and every new wave has turned out to be the subject matter for Contemporary Indian Art. Contemporary Indian Art has come to share the status of poetry or novel or shortstory- those which established as capable of manifesting whatever is there in the mind. Contemporary artists have proved that they can express anything and everything through their sketches and sculptures. They’re distinguished by a strange, yet rich, hybrid vocabulary of images. Disproportioned sketchings can convey poignancy and ecstacy with all its intensity and perfection than the conventional styles; their works’ve proved! Such is the case of an unusual blending of colours. It’s high time that we rejected the conservatism in art.

The evolution of Indian Contemporary Art was not one of a violent rupture. It was a slow process of transition from colonial to post-colonial expressions, modernist to post-modernist positions, and conventional to unorthodox approaches. And thus had undergone a strict filtration at the realms of all sorts of maturity and perfection. A piece of art is no more a mere union of colours on a limited canvas. It even speaks of the artist’s inner struggles and sufferings.

What makes an Indian different from the rest of the world is perhaps his particular “Indianness”. But as the Indian sub-continent is in a permanent state of instability, this very patriotism has turned out to be a dilemma. Contemporary Indian artists ventilate, openly or by indirect means, this dilemma. There has always been a rush and of course struggle, in the search for identity. Political uncertainties and cultural resources’ve played a major role in enhancing the compelling pulse of actuality which the Indian artists’re bound to convey. Their works occupy a space that is part-memory, part-dream; they dwell on surprise, dry expectation and regret. Their works exhibits an irresistible yearning to depart to the ideal world of fantasy. They remind us of our own secret impulses.

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