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    SIZE: 5X7 FT

    SIZE: 5X3X2.5 FT

2007Talwar Gallery, New Clearage: Retrospective as Artwork, New York, NY, US
2006Anant Art Gallery, New Clearage: Retrospective as Artwork, New Delhi, India
2005Colab Gallery, Retrospective as Artwork, Bangalore, India
Retrospective as Artwork, Koln, Germany
2004Drainage: Rain Harvesting Sculpture, Khoj, New Delhi, India
Project Gallery,Retrospective as Artwork, Dublin, Ireland
2003National Institute of Design, Draw, Ahmedabad, India
1998Art Inc. Gallery, Draw, New Delhi, India
Egmore Museum, Sculpture Show, Chennai, India, Alliance Francais, Bangalore, India
Sculpture Age, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S.U., Baroda, India
Pundole Art Gallery, Sculpture Age, Mumbai, India
1990Center for Contemporary Art, Bronze Age, New Delhi, India
1989Center for Contemporary Art, Bronze Age, New Delhi, India
1986Sakshi Gallery, This Time Ceramics, Chennai, India
Kerala Kala Peetham, Kochi, India
2008Museum of Contemporary Art, Antwerp (MuKHA), Santhal Family, Belgium
Studio La Citta, India Crossing, Verona
2005Jehangir Art Gallery, Double Enders, Mumbai, India
Anant Art Gallery, Negotiating Matters, New Delhi, India
Anant Art Gallery, Temptations and Temperaments, New Delhi, India
Threshold Gallery, The Inverted Tree, New Delhi, India
2004Jehangir Art Gallery, Anticipations, Mumbai, India
2000Jehangir Art Gallery, Global View, Mumbai, India
1996Sixth Bharat Bavan, Biennale of Contemporary Art, Bhopal, India
1995Vahedra Art Gallery, New Delhi, India
1994Easil Art Gallery, Chennai, India
1993Alliance Francaise, Art is not a Hidebound, Chennai, India
Lalit Kala Akademi, Souvenirs D’en France, New Delhi, India
1992Sridharani Gallery, Parallel Perception, New Delhi, India
Rimbound: An Indian Summer, organized by Alliance Francaise and travel to
Hyderabad, Pondicherry, Madras, and Basancon, India
BggungMit Den Andurn, Kassel, Germany
Cite International des Art, Two Person Show, Paris, France
1991Sakshi Gallery, Touchstone, Madras and Bangalore, India
1990Jehangir Art Gallery, Two Person Show, Mumbai, India
Alliance Francaise, Two Person Show, Madras, India
1987Grand Palais, Salon de Mai, Paris, France
Festival of India, Russia
1985Co-organized Contemporary Miniatures, Cholamandal Artist Village, Park Sheraton, Chennai
1984Kerala Lalit Kala Academy Calicutt and Cannanore, India
1983Kerala Kala Peetham Annual Exhibition, Kochi, India
1981Lalit Kala Academy National Exhibition, New Delhi, India
Show of Sculptors, organized by Sculptors Forum of India, Chandigarh Museum & AIFACS, New Delhi, India
1979Lalit Kala Academy National Exhibition, New Delhi, India
1973Russian Consulate Envelope, Chennai, India
1971-76College of Arts and Crafts, Madras, India
1976-79Faculty of Fine Art, M.S. University, Baroda
1985-86EcoleNationale Superior des Beaux Arts, Paris, France

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