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Born in 1969 in Kerala


Solo Shows

2007 ‘black river’ , Bombay Art Gallery,Mumbai
2007 ‘caged’, Bombay Art Gallery,Mumbai
2006 ‘those who remain’ Installation, Kashi Art Gallery, Fort Kochi
2004 ‘alive on e-street’ Installation, studio,Thodiyil House,Kochi
2004 ‘between life and death’ Centre civic besos,Barcelona,Spain
2003 ‘black birds’ Installation Kashi Art Café Gallery,Fort Kochi
2002 ‘duality’ col.legis Major,Barcelona, Spain
2000 ‘grasping emptiness’ Centre civic,Kasa, groga,Barcelona,Spain
1999 ‘awarness of emptines’, KLKA gallery,Kozhikode,Kerala
1998 “manifestation of emptiness” Galleria mareechika-Times of India Ernakulam,Keralam
1998 “manifestination of emptiness” Kashi Art Café Gallery,Fort Kochi
1994 “alter ego” crayons on paper,KLKA gallery,Kozhikode,Keralam

Group Exhibitions
2009 ‘Big Picture’- gallery Sumukha,Bangalore
2009 Noble sage Art Gallery-London
2008 ‘representation-3,Triva Contemporary,TVM,Keralam
2007 ‘Urban, Monitor,Image……..’ 1×1 Art Gallery,Dubai
2007 India maximum city-Galerie Helene,Lamarque,France
2007 ‘ten light years’ Kashi Art Gallery,Fort Kochi.Kerala
2007 De-sizing-Jahangir-K S Nicholson Gallery,Mumbai by Bombay Art Gallery
2002 Everybody’s space, Kashi Art Gallery, Fort Kochi

Medium-Paper Collage

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