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  • Title: Digambaram
    Medium: acrylic on canvas
    Size: 5x3ft
    Year: 2019

  • Title: whispering Earth
    Medium: news paper, gum, copper sulphate, fenugreeck seeds, mango leaves paste, turmeric, calcium hydroxide and acrylic paints
    Size: 128 live size duck forms
    Year: 2019

Born: 1969. Education: National Diploma sculpture from Govt. College of Fine Arts, Thrissur.
Solow Shows:
1999 – Paintings and Sculptures show Thrissur, Kerala. 2001 – Bruce Castle Museum, London.
2001 – The Chocolate factory, Wood Green, London.
2001 – Selby Centre, Tottenham, London N 17.
2001 – Redless Arts and Crafts, Isleworth, London.
2001 – The Nehru Centre, Mayfair, London.
2002 – Paintings and Bronze Sculptures show, Haringay Arts Council, London.
2003 – ‘The irrelevant’ Bronze Sculptures Show, Kashi Art Gallery Kochi.
2004 – Bronze Sculptures Show, Presented by Lalitha kala Acadami, Thrissur.
2008 – Paintings and Sculptures, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi.
Exhibitions Participated:
1992 – Annual Exhibition, College of fine arts, Thrissur.
1990 – 1997 – Kerala State Lalithakala Acadami Exhibitions.
2002 – The Tree festival art Exhibition at Kashi art Café Gallery, Kochi.
2003 – Remembering Bhupen, Kashi art gallery, Kochi.
2005 – Double Enders, Curated by Bose Krishnamachari, Jahangir Art Gallery, New Delhi, Gallery Sumuka, Bangalore and Durbar Hall art Centre, Kochi.
2008 – Ten light Years, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi.
2008 – Representation III Triva Contemporary, Thiruvananthapuram,
Mahabharatha vicharam by kerala lalitha kala akadamy 2016,
Kerala lalitha kala akademi award for painting 1990, artist in residence at London 2000.

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