Santhoshlal Pallath

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Santhosh Lal Pallath, Born in 1966- Kerala, India, 1992- National Diploma in Painting and Drawing from Government College of Fine Arts Thrissur, Kerala. 1991-July conducted solo show in paintings and etchings at Press Club Hall Thrissur, Kerala, 1988- Participated in group show in government college of Fine Arts, Thrissur, 1991 State Exhibition of Arts-Kerala Lalithakala Academy, 1991- all Kerala Artist Camp at Galeeli, Thrissur, Kerala, Kerala Lalithakala Academy.

Executed trope l’oeil (murals) in the U.A.E. And also participated in several exhibition at Ajman, Sharjah, Alain and Abudhabi Cultural Foundation, U.A.E. Currently lives and works in Vadodhara.

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