Priti Vadakkath

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  • Title: Fragmented Allegories-10
    Medium: water colour on 640gsm archese archival paper
    Size: 60x40inches
    Year: 2013

Born on 20 Sep 1971, in Fort Kochi, Kerala, completed her Bachelors in History of Fine Arts from Stella Maris College, Chennai in 1992.  She did a 3 year Diploma in Accessory Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi, in the year 1995. Was the winner of the De Beers Indian Jewellery Design Award 1996. Currently lives and works in Kochi.

Group Exhibitions:

‘Trans Figured’ – OED Gallery, Kochi
‘Faces’ curated by Giridhar Khasnis,
Tangerine Art Space, Bangalore

‘A Body of Flows’- coding multiple flows in contemporary art, Triva Contemporary ,Trivandrum.
‘I AM’, 25 women artists, curated by Ushmita Sahu, AM Gallery, Kolkata.
Melting Pot – Gallery Beyond, Mumbai  

Art One @Avani2016 – curated by Murali Cheeroth , The Avani Art Initiative ,Calicut

The Womens Project – curated by Tanya Abraham, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi
Clipboard – curated and organized by Shijo Jacob, Durbar Hall, Kochi
Reviving the Retinal, curated by Kathleen Wyma at Gallery OED, Kochi
Indian Art Fair, represented by Galleria 21, Riga, Latvia, at N.Delhi

Small format show – Gallery Sumukha, Bangalore
In(to) the middle of the Stories,  Gallery OED, Kochi
Memorobalia curated by Lina Vincent Sunish, Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore

Small is Big- 2013,  curated by Anoop Kamath and co- curated with Bhuvanesh Gowda, Art   Estate, Kochi
Hospital on Wheels, Art Auction by Rotary Club of Mumbai, Shivaji Park, organized by Turmeric Earth
‘HAIL’,Celebrate Keralam,Happiness Festival 2013, curated by Madhu V, MNF Gallery, Kochi 

Fragile-2 , 1×1 Gallery ,Dubai
The Construction of Loss, Exhibit 320,New Delhi.

 A4Arple , curated by Johny M.L, Gallery Ragini, New Delhi
Take 2 , Arushi Art Gallery, New Delhi
Next in Line, Blue Spade Gallery, Bangalore.
Other Anecdotes, curated by Niyatee Shinde, Scions Installations,  Los Angeles, USA, by Ruchika Art Gallery, Goa
Women Artists show, Sumukha Gallery, Chennai
Indian Art Summit, curated by Shaheen Merali, Exhibit 320, New Delhi

Notes on the (Dis)appearance of the Real, curated by Meena Vari and Arvind Lodaya Shrine Empire Gallery, New Delhi .
Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair, Exhibit- 320, Seoul, S. Korea.
Art Makers circa 2010, the next level -1, Exhibit -320, New Delhi.

2010 (continued)
A-SYCO, The Viewing Room,  Mumbai.
Evidentia, Sumukha Gallery,  Chennai .

Annual show, Mahua Gallery, Bangalore.
Evidentia, Sumukha Gallery, Bangalore.
Metamorphosis, curated by Meena Vari and Radha R, PAC Gallery, Cincinnati, USA.
In the Mood for Paper, artists from Iran, China and India, curated by Vida Heydari,
F2 Gallery, Beijing, China.

Small Format Show, Gallery Kolkata, Kolkata.
Emergence: Prologue: Page.0, The Viewing Room, Mumbai.
Paper’ensires, Suruchi Gallery, NOIDA

Encore! Art for Prabhat, New Delhi.
Raaga Rasam series -1, Chaitanya Art Gallery, Kochi

Solo Exhibitions:
2011 Reliving the past with all my Might, Kashi Art Gallery, Kochi.
2010 – Four Times Five is Twelve, The Viewing Room, Mumbai.

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