Anu John David

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  • Title: Musings from the Lost world of Koshur
    Medium: Photograph &hand colour
    Size: 22x33inches
    Year: 2018-2019

Anu John David, (Born 1983) Kollam-Kerala, India. He is a Photographer & Web designer based in Bangalore.

He has done Bachelors in Computer Science and 3D Animation, and has a short stint in 3D visualization and design. He decided to take Photography as a passion and has explored art, photography and design.

He likes the experimental possibility of photography and is currently involved in an archival exploration of trade links with Chinese in Kerala.

Photography is an exploration for me. All of my life I have been fascinated with the “the time” – its inner workings, broad vistas, its mysteries and drama. As humans, we are constantly at battlefields.

Each day we are pulled in different directions by the many voices that reside in our head and our heart, our heaven and the underworld, and the voices of our ancestors and voices from our childhood. We are actors on a stage of our own life, soldiers on all sides of our inner war, and seducers and the seduced. We live in a turning sphere restricted by time, filled with fire and surrounded by water. In the midst of our own contradictions we attempt to make sense of our lives. Each day we try to decide which way to turn at yet another intersection. And this almost alchemical moment of creating one’s fate is the one that I depict as an artist.

Through my photography, I express my feelings. I often use love and relation as a subject, the only thing in this physical world which is close enough for me and what I encounter along the way. How we see is a very personal thing. To this point, I believe a great photograph is not merely documenting the scene at hand; rather it is about fusing the essential vision of the artist with the subject.

I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all of art, is to evoke an emotional response. While everything in nature does this for me, selecting just the right places and moments to make a photograph that conveys those emotions is far more difficult. My camera is one of the tools I use to achieve my feeling as the final results. No one tool is perfect, however, and no one tool can make a great artist. My processes involve meticulous attention to detail in my field technique, along with work in today’s digital darkroom to fine tune and attempt to present to you the experience what I felt in being there myself.

It is an exciting process, and above all, a way for me to do what I love most, moments in time that transcend likeness and discover the intangibles of human emotion, attitude, character, and wisdom in every subject. Working from life allows me to become intimate with the nuances of each individual, and to communicate that intensity of feeling in their particular movements, coloration, and fleeting expressions. Whether its photography or my life, my goal is to discover and illuminate truths for myself.

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