Aditi Lago

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  • Title: untitled
    Medium: pencil on paper
    Size: 40x30cm
    Year: 2018

Aditi Lago was born in Barcelona, Spain .
Is self taught
The first years of its race participate in multiple contests of painting in the foundation Joan Miro,
Also for the ministry of culture and some biennials of contemporary art.
He attends several art seminars for a period of five years,
In “Arteleku” – Donostia, Montesquiu and Seville.
His work was also included in several collective exhibitions in Barcelona, 1999 at the René Metras art gallery, 200-2001 “Hipermercat d’art” at Vinçon Gallery, 2001-Toronto Art Gallery, 1999-2005-Gallery Of Contrats Art, 2005- Togo Brunes, and participates in other exhibitions in Rotterdam-2011 and Berlin-2012.
2005-2014 Individual exhibitions at the French Institute of Barcelona, in Viña del Mar, Chile, and other galleries in Barcelona, Madrid, Murcia and Donostia.
The last exhibitions took place in Oviedo, Art Gallery “Texu” in 2013, and in “CMAE” in Avilés, Asturias 2014.
2015 – maintains his works for a period of six months and holds two exhibitions at the Jean Jaques Mandel gallery in Paris.
2016-Has permanent work in the Fucares Gallery of Almagro, Ciudad Real- Spain.
2016- Participates in the Triennial of Sef-Taught Visionary Art at the Museum of Naïve and Marginal Art Jagodina Serbia.
2016-2017- Artcompulsion
2017-January. 25th Outsider Art Fair in New York. With Bourbon Lally Gallery.
2017-2018- La Aurora Gallery in Murcia, Spain.
2019-2020- Galerie Polysémie in Marseilles.

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